Sweet Spots: A Guide to the Best Baked Goods in Howard County, MD

Hey there, sweet-tooth enthusiasts of Howard County! You know who you are—the ones who can’t resist the aroma of freshly baked pastries, the sight of golden-brown crust, or the temptation of a gooey, chocolatey center. As someone who shares your passion for all things baked, I’ve taken on the mission to explore our local Howard County, MD, to find the absolute best places to satisfy our cravings. Grab a napkin; this might get deliciously messy!

1. Touche Touchet Bakery & Pastry Shoppe, Columbia

This gem tucked away in Columbia will make your taste buds dance. Famous for their cupcakes and French pastries, Touche Touchet is where elegance meets indulgence. Don’t leave without trying their macarons—simply magnifique! Located in the Atholton Shopping Center on Shaker Drive.

2. Great Harvest Bread Co., Ellicott City

If you’re a bread lover like me, Great Harvest in Ellicott City is your dream come true. From hearty whole grains to sinful cinnamon chip loaves, their bread is baked daily from freshly milled wheat. Slather on some of their homemade honey butter, and you’re in carb heaven. In the Centre Park shopping center. Not open on Sundays.

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3. Sweet Cascades Chocolatier, Ellicott City

Nestled in Historic Ellicott City, Sweet Cascades is a chocolate lover’s dream. But beyond their chocolate-dipped goodies, their cookies and brownies are a revelation. Soft, chewy, and utterly satisfying—they know their way around an oven. In Old Ellicott City and in Savage Mill.

4. Kora Lee’s Gourmet Dessert Café, Catonsville

For something unique, Kora Lee’s in Catonsville is where creativity meets sugar. Their dessert menu changes seasonally, ensuring you’re always treated to something new. Their salted caramel brownie is a must-try. Trust me. Admittedly not in Howard County, but worth the trip over the border.

5. La Madeleine French Bakery & Café, Columbia

For those who appreciate the refined flavors of French baking, La Madeleine offers croissants, tarts, and baguettes that’ll transport you straight to Paris. Their almond croissant is, without a doubt, un petit miracle. Near Target in the Columbia Crossing shopping center.

6. Bonheur Patisserie & Deli, Columbia

Another great bakery in Columbia. They have a variety of cakes, pastries, donuts, and more. Located on Minstrel Way in Columbia.

7. Roggenart, Columbia, Savage, Ellicott City

Roggenart Bakery - Photo shows baked goods for sale in Columbia

Amazing breads, croissants, danish, schnecke, craft drinks, and more. This is a great place to have a sandwich or coffee with a pastry.

8. Nothing Bundt Cakes, Columbia

If you’re just looking for a cake, large or small, this is the place for something a bit different. On Little Patuxent Parkway in Columbia.

9.  Shilla Bakery, Ellicott City

Asian sweets and French pastries. A great option if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Plus bubble tea. On Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City.

10. Bon Appetit, Ellicott City

Fun Korean baked goods and desserts. On Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City.

Whether you’re looking for a warm, comforting muffin or a decadent dessert to celebrate a special occasion, Howard County’s vibrant baking scene has got it all. These local spots not only serve up delightful sweets but also embody the warm and vibrant community spirit that we cherish in our county. For more sweets, see my post about the best places to get ice cream in Howard County. You may also be interested in my list of family-friendly restaurants.

Go ahead and give them a visit, and don’t forget to tell them that your fellow baked goods enthusiast sent you! Happy munching!