PLNT Burger Columbia, Md Review

PLNT Burger Restaurant in Columbia, MD
If you find yourself maneuvering the well-stocked aisles of Whole Foods in Columbia, Maryland, a wonderful surprise awaits you. Situated snugly within the vibrant marketplace, PLNT Burger is serving up plant-based deliciousness that will have you questioning your carnivorous habits. And trust me, it’s not your everyday veggie burger joint – it’s an experience worth your time.

Firstly, a bit of logistics. Parking, as is the case with most Whole Foods locations, is well-planned and ample. However, don’t let your guard down – the lot can get a bit crowded during peak hours. A little patience will see you through. The main issue is that Whole Foods is located on Lake Kitamakundi. This is a great place to walk, but they also have an amphitheater for concerts as well as some great restaurants. So if you’re timing isn’t good you could have some parking issues.

Once inside the Whole Foods, the aroma of fresh produce and the hum of bustling shoppers will guide you towards PLNT Burger. No fancy frills or grand arches here, just a simple, eco-friendly setup that stands true to the ethos of plant-based living.

PLNT Burger’s menu might not be as expansive as some chains, but what they do, they do brilliantly. A standout has to be their signature PLNT Burger. The patty, which is a blend of Beyond Meat, comes seared perfectly, delivering a near uncanny resemblance to beef. Combined with crisp lettuce, tomato, pickles, and their secret sauce, it’s a hearty bite that promises satisfaction.

Do not miss their Crispy Chicken Funguy – a crispy fried mushroom ‘chicken’, that’s almost magical in its ability to mimic the real thing. And let’s not forget about their “Bloomies” or fried onions – they’re little bites of heaven.

For a sweet finish, their dairy-free milkshakes are a must-try. The chocolate and cookies and cream flavors were rich, creamy, and didn’t skimp on taste.

As of May 2023, the prices are reasonable for the quality you get. Most burgers come under $10 and the sides are around $3-5. The food has always come out fast and hot, no matter how busy the place seems to be.

The staff at PLNT Burger is a delightful crew. You could tell they were busy, but they always seemed to find the time to answer any queries and even share a joke or two. The service was fast, efficient, and served with a smile.

Remember, this isn’t a standalone restaurant. There is some counter seating, but the rest is shared with the Whole Foods seating area, so during peak times, you might have to hunt for a spot. You may also want to head outside to the tables that are to the left of Whole Foods (if you’re facing the front door) – I would recommend sitting there to eat and then going for a walk around the lake.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and delve into the plant-based realm, or if you’re a long-time vegetarian or vegan, PLNT Burger is definitely worth a visit. It’s an incredible addition to Columbia’s food scene and a refreshing change within the supermarket realm. Just remember to come with an open mind and an empty stomach – you’re in for a treat.

Have you already been to PLNT Burger? I’d love to hear about your experience. If not, what are you waiting for? Head on down to the Whole Foods in Columbia and get your hands on some PLNT goodness today! And after your meal, consider going for a stroll around Lake Kitimakundi.

PLNT Burger Address:
Whole Foods, 10275 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044

Find out more about PLNT Burger here.

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