After School and Weekend Activities in Howard County Maryland

After school bus stopping

I was recently told about a relatively unique after-school/weekend activity for kids: Chinese Dance Lessons at the Madison Chinese Dance Academy (Rockville – Link not HTTPS) and Xue Juan Dance in Herndon, Va.  The source showed me videos from the Madison academy and told me the teacher is wonderful.  I was so impressed with the simple beauty and grace of the dances, and how they involved the dancers’ whole bodies and facial expressions.  I am always looking out for other interesting after-school ideas.

My kids did Roller Skating Lessons (fun/very cheap), Ballet Lessons, Piano Lessons, and Swimming.  These activities fluctuated by the time of the year, and the energy my wife and I had to spend driving them around.  We’ve done gymnastics in the past as well.

Other popular sports activities:

If you’re interested in academic activities for gifted and talented kids, I have heard great things about Johns Hopkins Gifted Youth Program.  They have exciting courses after school, in the summer and on the weekends.  Also, for young kids who don’t attend preschool, Glenelg Country School has activities for kids during the week.  There is also after-school academic programs in math and science. If you’re student has musical talent, they should definitely apply for the Tuned In program at Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute.

Here are some additional ideas:

  1. Howard County Conservancy: This is a great place for kids who love nature and outdoor activities. They offer a variety of programs including nature walks, wildlife observation, and environmental education.
  2. Howard County Arts Council: For the artistically inclined, the Howard County Arts Council offers a variety of classes and workshops in visual arts, theater, and dance.
  3. Columbia Association’s Art Center: This center offers a wide range of art classes for kids of all ages. They have classes in drawing, painting, pottery, and more.
  4. Howard County Library System: The library system in Howard County offers a variety of after-school programs including book clubs, coding clubs, and homework help.
  5. Columbia Horse Center: For kids who love horses, the Columbia Horse Center offers riding lessons and horse care classes.
  6. Howard County Recreation and Parks: They offer a wide variety of sports and recreational activities for kids of all ages. From soccer to lacrosse, and from tennis to golf, there’s something for every child here.
 Remember, the best after-school activity is one that your child enjoys and is passionate about. It’s a great way for them to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun.

What ideas do you have? By the way, here is a list of summer camp ideas, a list of places to hold a birthday party in Howard County–many of them would also be great after-school activities! Also see my list of ideas for homeschool activities, and fun activities to do in Maryland.