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Off Topic Post: Potty Seat for Elongated Toilet (Oval shaped instead of round)

Dual flush toilet.I recently had to replace the toilet in the girls’ bathroom.  I wanted to save water, so I went with an eco-friendly dual-flush toilet from Costco.  The great thing about it is that it has two flushers–one that releases a small amount of water, and one that releases the full tank…so depending, uh, what you’re flushing, you choose the flush accordingly.

The problem it presented was that our round potty seats from Target don’t fit right–they are more for round toilets, and this toilet is more of an oval shape and sticks out more…so the old seats slide around.

I looked around the internet for a low-cost, fun potty seat and I found this one. I got it today and it works great.  This seat is made mainly of hard plastic (no cushion) and rubber.  I think these are both pluses since the rubber keeps the seat from moving and the hard plastic doesn’t have any crevices that are difficult to clean. (Update 6 months later:  This seat still is in pretty good condition.  The eyes have peeled off, but otherwise, it is in very good shape. I still recommend this seat)

So if anyone else is having this problem, this is the seat for you:
PRI Ducka Toilet Set Reducer (White)